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Acquisition Integration Executive

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Acquisition Integration Executive

Posted 17 days ago

  • Sector: Sales
  • Expiry Date: 09 July 2022
  • Job Ref: J6261

The Sales Acquisition Integration Executive is responsible for managing Sales Integrations of acquired businesses from start to finish. This will involve 9 key elements of the integration process, all documented within the Sales Integration Playbook. See further below. Your role will be to help and support the Divisional Sales Leader and Managing Director to ensure their plan is delivered as quickly as possible

Initially this role will focus on the lower end size and scale of businesses, with full support and daily/weekly check in with Acquisition Integration Manager.

You will need to work within a wider team of other functional and divisional leads ensuring that sales are integrated within a defined and agreed timescale.

This role is significant in forming the success of Access going forward.

This is an exciting new opportunity to provide organisational and sales skills to deliver real business impact within a highly dynamic team. The role sits in the Sales Operations team that serves as a centralised knowledge hub that owns, develops, and deploys key sales programmes and analytical assets to the Access divisional sales teams.


  1. Acquisition briefing from Merges & Acquisition team – Understand what we have bought, why and what the Value Creation Plan is. Ensure you work closely with the M&A team, Finance and other functional teams to put a plan together that will deliver the Value Creation Plan and ensure Order Intake commitment and delivery from day 1.
  2. Pre-Integration Due Diligence - With the organisation to ensure we understand their sales function and how it will fit within Access. With primary importance on making sure we can deliver the Value Creation Plan and ensure Order Intake commitment and delivery from day 1.
  3. Week 1 Commit Process – Work with Sales Leader to ensure the acquired business are providing a commit and upside in line with Access style from week 1
  4. Order Intake Reconciliation – Review the orders in previous 12 months and see how they align with how Access recognizes sales. Understand the Value Creation Plan and validate that the numbers are realistic and achievable. This may mean recommending a change in approach
  5. Systems Migration Strategy (IT, Finance, Salesforce) – Work with the other systems leaders and ensure the strategy is understood and the plan is clearly planned and communicated with the acquired business. This means working directly with our partners at Salesforce and managing internal expectations.
  6. Team, Targets and Commission Plans – Work with the Sales Leader to build the Targets and Comm Plans for the acquired business so they deliver at least the Value Creation Plan numbers. This means managing expectations at all times so leaders and sales reps know what they can and cannot claim as commission.
  7. Sales onboarding & training – Provide a training program to the new employees in the acquired business alongside the Divisional Sales Leader
  8. Access Terms and Conditions/Pricing Model – Ensure the acquired business are using Access Terms and Conditions as quickly as possible for any new contracts
  9. Integration to Sales Operations BAU – Create a handover to the Sales Operations divisional lead using a provided checklist and ensure that the other teams are aware of the plan and any risks.



  • The candidate is expected to be dynamic, flexible and with a high-energy level as this is a demanding and rapidly changing environment
  • Exceptional Data, analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities
  • Consistent collaboration with other functional and divisional leads and influence the planning to help ensure the sales side is considered and a key part of the plan
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work independently as well as collaborating with the team
  • Strong knowledge of Access Sales process and SalesForce
  • Exceptional PowerPoint and presentation skills
  • Ability to provide remote and onsite training of the Access sales approach
  • Ability to manage relationships with Senior executives of acquired businesses.
  • Ability to manage a complex meeting of various roles and responsibilities with clear and concise summary and planning afterwards
  • Exceptional organisational skills and comfortable updating central plans via Microsoft Teamwork on the regular cross functional update calls