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Sales Enablement Lead

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Sales Enablement Lead

Posted 3 months ago

  • Sector: Sales
  • Expiry Date: 04 January 2024
  • Job Ref: J10838


Sales Onboarding Lead

Join the Access Family and see how we make software ideas become a reality!

Our core value of ‘Love Work, Love Life, Be You’ has been central to our success and so we’re looking for people to join us who share our passion for making things better every day and help us continue to grow.

We are the number one UK headquartered software provider in the UK and are forecasted to grow to a global population of over 12,000 employees by 2026.

 What are we all about?

At Access, we love software and how technology never stays the same. It's this obsession that drives us to work closely across sectors to understand the business needs of our customers - from the Hospitality sector, to Manufacturing industry, to Not for Profit’s to Construction, and many more.

We're passionate about helping our customers stay one step ahead of the challenges facing their industry and business, currently helping over 60,000 customers to have the freedom to do more.

About you:

As a Global Sales Onboarding Leader at The Access Group, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our sales team. You will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive onboarding program for new sales hires, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to set them up for success in their roles. You will work within the sales enablement team and collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and deliver effective onboarding experiences, drive consistency across the sales organisation, and continually refine the onboarding process.

Day-to-day, you will:

Onboarding Program Development: 

  • Create and maintain a structured and scalable onboarding programme tailored for sales team members across our Digital Sales, Field Sales, Sales Leadership, and M&A teams.
  • Develop onboarding materials, including training modules, playbooks, and other resources. 
  • Establish programmes on a global scale to encompass our core locations, including the UK, Romania, Australia, and wider Europe. This role may also entail occasional travel to these designated locations.

New Hire Training: 

  • Lead onboarding sessions for new sales hires, covering product knowledge, sales techniques, company culture, and tools. 
  • Provide ongoing support and mentorship to new hires during their initial weeks. 

Performance Metrics: 

  • Define and track key performance metrics for onboarding success, such as time-to-productivity, quota attainment, and retention. 
  • Regularly report on onboarding program effectiveness to leadership. 

Onboarding Resource Management: 

  • Manage and curate onboarding resources, including training materials, documentation, and software tools. 
  • Ensure that resources are up to date and readily accessible. 

Continuous Improvement: 

  • Stay up to date with industry best practices and incorporate them into the onboarding program. 
  • Adapt the onboarding program based on feedback and changing company needs. 


KPI’s and Success Metrics:

  • Time-to-Productivity (TTP): Measure the average time it takes for new sales hires to become fully productive and start contributing to revenue generation.
  • Quota Attainment: Track the percentage of new sales team members who achieve or exceed their sales quotas within the specified onboarding period.
  • Retention Rate: Monitor the retention rate of sales team members who have completed the onboarding program to ensure they remain with the company.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Gather feedback from customers who have interacted with recently onboarded sales representatives to gauge their experience and ensure our content leads to a great buyer experience. A key Access value is “making It happen for our customers”.
  • Onboarding Program Feedback: Continuously collect feedback from new hires on the quality and effectiveness of the onboarding program and make improvements based on their input.
  • Certified to Sell Completion Rate: Monitor the percentage of new sales hires who successfully complete the onboarding program as designed and are certified to sell.
  • Onboarding Cost per Hire: Calculate the cost associated with onboarding per new sales hire and work to optimize this cost while maintaining quality.

What does Access offer you?

We are a growing software company, and we deliver on what we say we do! We take the development of our people very seriously and we will work with you to carve out your success plan and an opportunity to accelerate your career and make a real difference.

On top of a competitive salary, our standard 25 days holiday (which goes up the longer you’re with us), and a matched pension scheme you’ll also be able to choose from a range of benefits to suit you. We pride ourselves on being an organisation that gives back so you’ll also have a charity day you can take to support something that matters to you.  


At Access we’re all about helping everyone Love Work and Love Life. Why? Because we believe people can only be their best when they can be themselves. So, if you are excited about this role, but your past experience doesn’t match perfectly, we’d still love to hear from you. You might just be who we are looking for.

We love the fact that we’re all different. We believe by having more diverse perspectives at work improves how we run our business, helps us to better support our customers, and when you think about it, it’s just more fun!

What’s holding you back? Come and be part of our Amazing Access Family!

Love Work. Love Life. Be You.