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Lead Fullstack Developer

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Lead Fullstack Developer

Posted 2 months ago

Lead Fullstack Developer

Job Specification

We are looking for a Lead Fullstack Developer to join our team. As part of the ongoing, structured growth of the company we are keen to add people who are experienced, ambitious and ready to help us meet the challenge of growing the business and maintaining our position as the leading provider of order and pay digital services to the hospitality and leisure industries.


We have recently been acquired by a larger specialist SaaS company and new starters will enjoy an enhanced benefits package. The role will be focussed on our Orderbee SaaS product.


What are we looking for?



●         At least 5 years’ hands on development experience in a SaaS environment (this could be in house, startup, agency etc)

●         Experience in developing single page web applications with a modern frontend framework (VueJs, ReactJs etc and Node.Js backend services.

●         Experience with NoSQL based databases (MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc)

●         Experience designing and developing REST APIs and backend services

●         Attitude fit (calm, intelligent problem solver, client focus, commercial awareness, team player)

●         Culture fit (open, articulate and driven)

●         Either acting as a lead developer in a Scrum team (or similar) or wanting to move to such a role (and can demonstrate relevant skills and experience)



We will favour candidates that have:

●         Experience and understanding of core AWS services including provisioning and management including IAM, Lambda, API Gateway, Cloudfront S3, SQS, SNS etc

●         Experience in providing technical leadership to a team of 4 - 5 full-stack developers

●         Experience in working as a developer within a Scrum team

You should be comfortable planning and developing a range of services. The role includes both front-end web development and server side development. We’re looking for a “classic Fullstacker” - comfortable using Javascript on the clientside and Node.js on the serverside and can turn their hands to a number of tools and libraries, depending on particular needs.


In any given week, developers in our team may use a combination of NodeJS, MongoDB, Contentful CMS, third party JSON apis, VueJS, Express, Webpack, NuxtJS, AWS, The Serverless framework, GraphQL and others. We’d expect the person coming on board to be able to pick up, upskill where necessary and run with these and others as they need to.


What you’ll be:


●         Competent with Node.js and you’re experienced at building REST APIs from scratch ideally using a framework such as express.js or The Serverless Framework.

●         Familiar with NoSQL database architectures, data modeling and design patterns (NoSQL)

●         Comfortable building integrations into third party APIs and services.

●         Experienced use documentation tools such as Swagger.

●         Experienced creating responsive websites using modern, clean, well-organised HTML, CSS and Javascript Frameworks

●         Highly proficient in JavaScript and ES6+

●         Experienced creating single page applications using a modern framework.

●         Familiar with modern front-end build and task runners (Webpack etc)

●         Comfortable using GIT for source control using common branching strategies for collaboration

●         Experienced working in agile development practices

●         Building applications which consume a variety of third party data sources

●         Able to self-manage and prioritise between various projects and tasks

●         An expert documentor, troubleshooter and debugger


It would be nice if:


●         You are competent developing designing and provisioning Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructures and environments

●         You have experience implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.


Who we are looking for:


●         You’re a lover of technology and good software design, and are keen to do more than standard web development

●         You’ll have a strong grasp on the art of the possible, best practises and pitfalls of digital projects

●         You’re a team player and enjoy collaboration and knowledge sharing

●         You’re able to communicate effectively both at a technology level and at a business level, acting as a key bridge between the technical development team and the client or product facing representatives (Product Owner, Project Manager)

●         You’re eager to deliver well-organised, expressive, reusable and well-crafted code, tested, bug free and to deadlines

●         You get excited by knocking together quick prototypes and technical proof-of-concepts to test out new ideas

●         You’re process driven, but you’re not afraid to cut loose every now and again

●         You’ve got a creative approach to problem solving, and are solutions orientated

●         You’re sociable and can handle an informal, vibrant and relaxed working environment (however, we’re working from home at the moment for obvious reasons)


What you’ll get from us


●         A friendly, supportive and fun working environment in a fast growing sector

●         Big company benefits with a start-up feel and attitude

●         25 days holiday

●         Remote working as standard but with the option to work from an office


Text Box: Our Tech Stack
 We always focus on the right tool for the right solution however you can commonly find a variety of the following technologies in most of our digital services:
 ●	VueJs frontend - NuxtJs where appropriate
 ●	NodeJS Backends and APIs - mainly serverless architectures with a heavy use of AWS Lambda API Gateway, SQS and Cloudwatch
 ●	NoSQL Databases - MongoDB and DynamoDB
 ●	Headless CMS - currently & Dato CMS
 ●	AWS Infrastructure - cloudfront, lambda, API gateway, acm, cloudwatch, elastic beanstalk
 ●	AWS Powered CI/CD - AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline