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  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago

Alina Gheață is Head of Digital Sales at our Global Operations Centre in Timișoara, Romania.

Here she tells us a little about herself and her experience working at Access.

What 3 things do you always carry with you in your bag?

Multifunctional charger, sunglasses and a hydrating lipstick

How do you think your team would describe you?

Never static, collaborative, empowering, open and decisive, a doer with contagious positivity. Always thinking about the future, creating strategies, nurturing people and leveraging everyone's expertise and talents.

What's your favourite memory of working with Access?

All my memories in this company are truly wonderful, and the journey from the moment I joined has been nothing short of remarkable. I had the privilege of playing a significant role in building both the internal and external brand for Access GOC (Global Operations Centre) Timisoara, and later, taking the helm in leading the Digital Sales teams within the GOC. From the very beginning, stepping into the company felt like entering a vibrant community where innovation, collaboration, and passion thrived. The process of building the internal brand for Access GOC Timisoara was an exhilarating experience. Working alongside dedicated colleagues, we crafted a culture that celebrated creativity, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence. It was inspiring to witness the transformation of a group of individuals into a cohesive and high-performing team, all unified by a shared vision. Externally, shaping the brand for Access GOC, Timisoara was a journey marked by strategic thinking and effective communication. We worked tirelessly to convey the values and strengths that set us apart in the market. Establishing a positive and reputable image became not just a professional achievement but a source of pride for everyone involved. The pinnacle of my experience was transitioning back into my passion which always has been the Sales field. I had the privilege of growing the Digital Sales teams in the GOC. This marked a new chapter filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. Throughout these experiences, the company's commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment stood out. The support from leadership, the camaraderie among team members, and the emphasis on continuous learning created a culture that fueled both personal and professional growth. As I reflect on my time with this company, I am filled with gratitude for the friendships formed, the skills acquired, and the milestones achieved. These memories will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for my future endeavors, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

What has been your biggest professional challenge in the last year?

Keeping up with industry trends and evolving technologies presents an ongoing challenge. Staying informed and ensuring my team is equipped with the necessary skills to remain competitive is vital. This challenge encourages me to invest in continuous learning opportunities, and professional development initiatives for both me and my team.

How has your industry changed since the start of your career?

The sales industry has undergone significant transformations over the last decade, influenced by technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, and global economic shifts. The rise of digital technologies has impacted sales processes. Sales teams now leverage advanced CRM systems, AI-powered analytics, and automation tools to streamline workflows, improve lead generation, and enhance customer interactions. There has been a shift towards a more customer-centric approach in sales. Building long-term relationships and providing personalised experiences are prioritised over traditional transactional selling.

What do you do on days you feel unmotivated?

On days when I feel a dip in motivation, I've found a few strategies that help me regain focus and maintain productivity. First and foremost, I prioritise effective time management. I revisit my to-do list and ensure that tasks are organised based on their urgency and importance. This allows me to concentrate on high-priority items and create a sense of accomplishment. I am also a firm believer in continuous learning, I take the opportunity to invest time in my professional development. Whether it's attending webinars, reading industry literature, or seeking mentorship, I use these moments to gain new insights and skills, which ultimately contributes to my growth.

What do you want to do differently in your next role or as your progress in your current role?

I am keen on implementing a more data-driven approach to decision-making. While I have always valued data, I believe there is room for improvement in leveraging analytics and metrics to inform strategic decisions. I plan to invest time in acquiring a deeper understanding of relevant data sources, implementing advanced analytics tools, and using data insights to enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. People wise I love the Access culture and I aim to foster this culture where diverse perspectives are valued and where team members feel empowered to contribute, as their ideas are crucial for achieving optimal results. I will actively work on creating an environment that encourages open communication, creativity, and mutual respect among team members.

What do you think it takes to be successful at Access?

I think it involves a combination of skills, attributes, and strategies that contribute to personal and organisational achievements and success. Bringing innovative ideas and creative solutions to the table, contributing to this amazing culture of innovation, finding new ways to improve processes and building positive relationships.