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  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago

Andy Hawkins​ is a Customer Success Manager and has worked at Access for 2 years.

He tells us a little more about his experience working at Access.

What brought you to Access and what role did you start in?

My line manager and team manager both persuaded me to join Access even though I had already accepted a previous offer. This clearly showed they loved working for Access. My previous role was as a BDM for a leading financial forecasting and planning solution. I learned a lot about the financial industry which set me up for success, but ultimately I did not enjoy the pressure of high targets.

What’s the most fun you’ve had in the last year?

It would have to be the Giving Back Day at Appledown Kennels with my teammates. I referred four people from my previous role and for the last two years, everyone bar one person has joined me for the day. It's been great to strengthen the already strong bond we share working across two different companies. The difference we make at the site, I feel has a major impact, we can see the difference we make with one day and the people at Appledown are fantastic, welcoming and helpful. We secured some pretty decent flapjacks last time around. My highlight has to be working with the animals, I am a huge dog lover, and spending the day with them melts my heart!

What’s one thing you are really good at, but don’t want to do anymore?

I moved away from high-pressured sales targets as a Business Development Manager to my current role as a Customer Success Manager which I have really enjoyed. I am very customer-focused and it has been great to put the customer at the forefront of everything we do in customer success. Mentoring as well as supporting countless new starters is also a personal highlight, ensuring everyone has a successful start to their journey at Access! I also enjoy problem solving so I'm always happy to overcome any challenges.

What is the last album/artist you listened to?

I'm currently listening to the soundtrack of Little Shop of Horrors.

What was your first job and how did that prepare you for your future career?

I worked at Dixons selling mobiles, the phones were updating fast and furiously so this prepared me for keeping up with the latest tech. The customer interactions gave me the start in developing my customer service skillset and sales ability. I bought one of the first picture phones whilst working at Dixons, the David Beckham sponsored Sharp GX-10. I remember being stopped in the street and people asking me to show them the new tech!

What’s your favourite thing about work right now?

Training and mentoring the new starters and making sure they’re set up for success.

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome throughout your career?

Learning about the finance industry and all its lingo!

What makes Access different from other companies you have worked for in the past?

The company ethos of loving life and loving work. Access really looks after their staff's happiness.

What’s something you have learned from your teammates at Access?

Senior team members are always happy to share their Industry and product knowledge which has been crucial in my Access journey.

Is there any part of your experience with Access or generally in your career that you would like to highlight?

I have referred 4 colleagues from my previous workplace to Access and they are all doing brilliantly. I believe this highlights the importance of looking after staff and how important relationships in the workplace can be.