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  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

Radu joined the Access Group in 2021, taking on the role of Managing Director for its fast- growing Global Operations Centre in Romania. Here Radu gives us a glimpse into his life, career and work at Access.

What does your morning look like before you start work?

I don’t skip the routine; however, I keep it short to have some extra time on my hands. The first hour of the day sets the tone for the rest of it, so I try to keep it good by avoiding the snooze button, enjoying a coffee, having a fun breakfast with my kids, catching-up on news. One thing I have learned from my son is that if you start the morning with a laugh everything will seem a bit easier throughout the day.

What advice would you give to your 21 year old self about work?

Throughout your academic years, you were rewarded for getting the right answer fast and probably you’ve been very good at it. The real world is a different story, it’s not black and white only, and things you believe to be certainly right or wrong have more nuance the deeper you look. Resist the tendency to reduce complex issues to fit neat labels. Think outside the box and ask yourself each time, what other options are available. Temper yourself, be tolerant, flexible with your mind and beware of false perceptions.

How has the industry changed since the start of your career?

Reflecting, so much has changed and time has flown by. Technology has changed the landscape of business, from the strategies the companies use to attract talent and customers, to the ability to serve a much wider range of audiences, to the speed at which we can work thanks to automated processes. When I began my career, the innovation cycle was close to 6 years. Currently, it is closer to 6 months and AI might change all of that again.

Innovation is the word of the day in terms of customer retention and acquisition and speed of release into the market is crucial. Each new technology enables a completely different set of features. 20 to 30 years ago you might have started a career with the expectations that you will develop and learn a few things along the way, now you need to constantly keep yourself updated on a new disruptive technology.

What makes Access different to other companies you have worked for in the past?

Our culture. For us, Freedom to do more is not about a value statement poster in the break room, but the vibe you get when you walk into our offices and how you feel when seeing the diverse and amazing things our employees are doing. From charity work to wellbeing activities, to innovation in all areas, I am proud to be part of the Access community.

What do you think it takes to be successful at Access? 

Curiosity, thinking outside the box and customer-centricity makes us successful; it drives us to recognise and take advantage of opportunities for growth. We make informed decisions and keep up to date with market trends by developing future leaders and molding our team and company's culture. 

What were your hobbies when you were younger? Do you still do them now?

Traveling - it was the most eye-opening thing I’ve done as a young person and it still is the perfect way to detach, gain new knowledge of the world, its cultures and valuable life experiences.

What opportunities do you think our growth internationally presents? How does expanding our talent benefit Access and our customers?

The global landscape offers growth potential everywhere we look—from uncovering new revenue streams and discovering new customers, to finding talented professionals who will help enhance and advance the skills and expertise of the Access team. All of us benefit from being in the winning team, to push boundaries and think outside of the box in terms of new software, new architectures, new ways to serve and acquire customers globally.

What are you most excited for when thinking about the future at Access? What do you think will be your biggest challenges?

The future is where value is created in the organisation through innovation and knowing exactly what differentiates us from everyone else. I want to make sure that my team finds joy in what they are doing, love work, love life, be themselves and, at the same time, make the company a better place and enhance their roles. This is what will continue to set the Access team apart from the others and will propel its success in the future. The biggest challenge for me is always to shield my team from noise and let them create value and enjoy doing what they are best at.