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  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Matthew Powling

In the summer of 2022 I unfortunately contributed to the statistics of tech space layoffs. It was a difficult time and one I hope to not have to go through again. Several months were spent on all the job board you could think of as well as LinkedIn, which is exactly what led me to my current role at Access.

The internal recruitment team from Access were amazing from my first introduction right through to the job offer and beyond. I was looking for a role that enabled me to continue my growth as a software trainer but one that equally gave me a new set of challenges, as well as some of the important things that matter to me when finding a job – The choice of home and office working, trust in my abilities as well as to carry out my role, freedom to be myself and be unique and a team driven environment where I felt comfortable to lean on colleagues for support.. On top of the ability to be able to divert my career with a good selection of internal opportunities– In steps Access People HR!!

I knew right away that my boxes were being ticked. I didn’t feel the fears I would usually have going into a new job and unfamiliar environment – I felt comfortable right away with everyone I spoke to, from the start of the recruitment to meeting the management and then my new colleagues.

Since starting, I’ve asked a multitude of questions and everyone has been more than willing to help me speed up my learning process. It’s easy to get left behind as a newbie in a team where, the majority of my colleagues had been at the company for several years, but at no time do I feel like I was inconveniencing anyone.

Access are very much a forward thinking company who care equally about their staff as they do about their customers. I have made a lot of use of the benefits offered to us and am looking forward to the new ones that are coming our way this year. We have regular company-wide meetings and there are daily updates as to what is going on around the company’s various departments, as well as a flow of tech updates with all of Access’ software to keep us all in the loop. These meetings and emails are a crucial element of being part of such a large company as it can be so easy to get lost with everything that is going on, you can fall behind but I feel well-informed and kept in the loop at all times.

Something I wish I knew before joining and something to take into account for any future new starters is, there are so many opportunities within Access to spread your wings and do something that you really enjoy. Access provide dedicated CPD time and access to courses that will enable you to branch out and either build on your existing skills and knowledge or, even do something totally different – Something that is also massively encouraged throughout all the various teams. I am personally using my CPD time to learn totally new skills for an area of tech hugely interests me outside of my work.

I am enjoying my time with Access and am excited/hopeful for my future within the company!