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  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author: Jyoti Kaur

​Jyoti Kaur

Business Development Manager (DesignMyNight)

There’s something quite exhilarating about being a chick in Sales. After all, it entails doing what I was born to do ‘talk for a living’. I get a real thrill from throwing comebacks back and fourth (which I convince myself are occasionally witty) and suggesting shortcuts on how technology can be used to transform hospitality businesses. Last week I had a bar manager say the owner wants to stick with their inadequate system until it falls apart. To which I replied, “Have you told your boss that prevention is better than cure?”. Not to mention the gentlemen who I persuaded to crack a smile through politely counteracting all of his negative objections and shutting him down like a kung fu warrior. Moral of the story - persistence pays off.

I thrive off striking up conversations with restaurant/bar/pub owners and turning a casual encounter into a potential partnership. I enjoy the process of getting to the destination (sometimes there’s bumpy roads on the way whilst other routes are plain sailing) – there’s always plenty of room for growth. My favourite journey is en route to meetings. I casually psyche myself up on the tube through channeling my inner Beyoncé and bopping along to Destiny’s Child ‘Independent Woman’. “The shoes on my feet - I bought it”.

It’s like being in a game. You choose your armour, dress code and attitude dependent on the type of character/venue you’re trying to win over. Sometimes I go in poised and poker faced, other times I’m friendly and relatable. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The aim of the game is to gain and help with ownership over venues around the London monopoly board. It’s essential to always keep your mind ready and speak with conviction. Top tip: just keep rolling the dice and never forget the strongest weapon of all - ‘confidence’. I get to hear about the experiences of incredible individuals who’ve made their dreams into a reality (what it took to reach it) and how they visualise taking it to the next level. Best yet, is learning you made a meaningful contribution to your client having the means to successfully open and unlock venue 2, 3 and 4.

Not only do DesignMyNight have the coolest office in London (office bar and dogs), the whole team are the coolest. Nothing is ever too much to ask and we’re always here to support each other like a family. What I like about The Access Group is that unlike other companies you’re not a small fish n a big pond. There’s actual opportunity to cross the ocean and flourish in your career (‘just keep swimming’). If you put in the hard work this will manifest into achieving whatever it is you want to. I started over 3 years ago as a Sales Development Representative, I won a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco for exceeding targets and went on to progress as Business Development Manager for DesignMyNight in London. I have invested into the company’s share scheme and recommended my sister (who now works at the company also). I’m a huge believer in The Access Group and the fact it will only get bigger and better than it already is. It’s been tough during lockdown, but the company has been full of support and understanding. I’m grateful for every opportunity and the people I’ve crossed paths with.

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