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  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author: Aiga Dzene

Aiga Dzene,

Sales Development Representative (Recruitment Division) 

If I was asked two years ago if I would ever work in sales, I would answer without thinking – no, it’s not for me!

Fast forward, I am now working in a highly successful software company as a Sales Development Representative within the Recruitment division. I was probably one of those stereotypical people who thought that sales is all about calling people to do anything it takes just to sell them something. But I couldn’t be more wrong! What I found was, it’s all about how I can help the customer rather than what I can sell to them. I have certainly changed my sales mindset and since starting my role at The Access Group, I have not regretted a day since! I’ve also met some really amazing people and look forward to seeing them again in the office soon.

Since the very beginning of my career here, I have been provided with professional sales training and support which has helped me to succeed and progress within the business. Shortly, I’ll move up from my current role to Account Manager – and I’m excited about the continuing challenge.

Working in sales has certainly helped me to develop myself personally and professionally, and when you add in my love of technology and how it’s ever changing, it makes me happy to see what difference our software can make to our customers success!

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