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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Cloud Hosting Team

4th day of celebrating Smile week so we have spoken to not one, but FOUR people in our Cloud Hosting Services team to see why their job really makes them feel like they are on ‘Cloud’ nine…

Here is what they had to say about why their job makes them smile?

Andy Pocock – Service Desk Manager

“The people are awesome! Even though the Cloud Hosting Services team has grown quickly, it has a small, family feel vibe and everyone pitches in when the times are tough. Working on the Service Desk means every day is
different, we never have a “normal” day which is great, keeps us on our toes!

Access is an exciting company to work for and drives us to achieve our goals through learning and development. We have our own learning tools and access to online resources to help us grow and develop. I have been fortunate to advance my career at Access, I could not have achieved this goal without the development tools on offer and the support of the team.”

John Mason – Principal Systems Engineer

“To answer in short why my job makes me smile, is simply because CHS is fast paced, fun and challenging.

You get the chance to work on some great technologies and overcome some unique problems. Everyone at CHS always pulls together to achieve the goals of the division and overcome any issue, no matter how big or
small! There is an excellent recognition system in place, known as Applause, that means any member of staff at any level can give a shout to a colleague for their amazing work!

The Cloud Hosting Services team have a structure in place which promotes learning and offers the opportunity to get involved in projects of all types. All you have to do is ask. We have such depth of technical skills across
CHS and the rest of the company, there is always someone you can go to for advice. People are always happy to help.

One of the most interesting projects that I have worked on so far this year has been Access’s expansion into Australia! This was a great project to be involved in. It was new and exciting! Access is looking at how they can
evolve and move micro-segmented systems. Australia was the first deployment that followed this model. It threw many challenges and lots of new things to learn. And that is why my job makes me smile…”

Adam Nyman – Head of Service Delivery

What makes me smile about my job - Access is all about extraordinary people, extraordinary work and to put it simply, we feel valued! We have purpose in our individual roles that brings great reward and joy!
In our team we have great camaraderie built on close working relationships. We love to develop our staff, setting clear learning objectives to encourage career progression.

Access is such an ambitious company, and I am very proud to be part of the ongoing success and future targets we aim for! Every day is a new day, and another reason to smile.

Simon Page – Head of Infrastructure

My job makes me smile because… Having recently joined The Access Group, I am excited to be working for a company that is growing, thriving and developing. This is not only through acquisition but also considerable
organic and natural growth.

Even though the company is continuously expending, Access integrates new starters really well. We have a comprehensive induction programme that ensures a new starter has everything they require to become a valued and successful team member. To help fulfil your potential and further your career within the company we have several tools in place such as our Employee Success Plan (ESP), clear progression programmes and structure, as well as a large team and experienced leaders who are always sharing their knowledge. This is what makes me smile about my job”.