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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Priya Gokani

The work day starts with greeting the great team I work with and catching up on what we got up to the following evening and what we have booked in for the day.

The role as a build consultant revolves around the bookings we get allocated in our diaries. The bookings can vary from technical configuration, installation, training, SQL coding, Workflow Forms, reporting requirements; the list goes on. This is what makes the role so interesting, every day is different and you are forever learning different skills.

After we are all pumped from our morning interaction (and a cup of tea), I set off to call my customer for the day.  Sometimes the call may be to an Solution Delivery Manager to get details on a customer’s scoping session which will be a project that I will be building the system from scratch. Other times I may be following FlightPaths, upgrading customers systems.

Generally, we deliver a tailored solution everyday to our customers based on their specific requirements; this can be challenging as it can never be quite the same from one customer to another. Most of the time things will go smoothly but like most jobs, mine doesn’t come without challenges. This is where the amazing team I work with comes in handy, there is always someone who knows how to help or where to go for help.

 The day ends by filling in an activity sheet stating the work I have completed which will be sent to the customer, as well as joining an end of day team catch up to make sure no issues have arisen or work to be carried forward.

 My life with work does not completely end there, once a week after work I meet up with some of my work friends (virtually!) and we have a session of dungeons and dragons. We have just started another campaign, hopefully it does not last as long as the last one did (over 1 year!).