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Fullstack Developer

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Fullstack Developer

Posted 5 months ago

Fullstack Developer 


Join the Access Family and see how we make software ideas become a reality!

Our core value of ‘Love work, Love life’ has been central to our success and so we’re looking for people to join us who share our passion for making things better every day, to help us become a top 10 Software company.
Are you ready for the challenge?


What are we all about?

At Access we love software and how technology never stays the same. It's this obsession that drives us to work closely across sectors to understand the business needs of our customers - from professional services to manufacturing to not for profits and more. 


We're passionate about helping our customers stay one step ahead of the challenges facing their industry and business. That's why over 1 million users and over 10,000 organisations rely on Access software to help their organisation thrive.  We acquired a top development and consulting organisation in Romania, Timisoara and are looking to recruit talent to go on our exciting journey.

We are the leading provider of hospitality software solutions in the UK for a very good reason. Orderbee (our platform) Is made up of a set of applications, services and native apps that allow our customers to offer their guests a variety of game changing “digital ordering” services. The system is mixture of a Saas and white-label components that are targeted at the Hospitality and Leisure sector. 
Orderbee’s core features: 
Order & Pay your bill at your table 
Order Takeaway / Click and Collect from home
Menu Management
On-site venue / menu management


Job Role:

You are a dynamic, skilled developer with a passion for technology and a keen sense of pride in the work you do. You are strong team player who thrives on close collaboration with your colleagues and takes shared ownership of the development pipeline along with the team. You are focused on delivering high quality solutions to given times lines and are comfortable in an agile scrum environment. You are constantly seeking to improve both your own skills and the skills of others and enjoy working in a fast-paced dynamic company. You will be expected to mentor more junior members of the team, contribute to planning sessions and design technical solutions as well as guide the technical evolution of products.


About you:

Able to communicate well with team members, and can clearly communicates progress, and potential risks to progress, as early as possible to the Dev Lead and agile team.
Able to actively participate in requirements' reviews and refinement
Able to read existing code, make guided changes to it and debug it
Able to write code that is easy to read, to understand and DRY; able to refactor small sections of code with guidance without introducing bugs; able to write unit tests for pure functions;
Able to trigger deployments, demonstrate understanding of environments and use project specific dev tools.
Able to follow pre-defined source control procedure, committing and merging code, dealing with conflicts
Able to narrow down and highlight areas of concern and propose why the issue may be happening.
Understands some basic principles of QA, including: why QA is necessary, objectives, QA activities, who should be involved in QA, the importance of defect tracking. Takes responsibility for quality of own work.
Able to provide accurate estimates for Sprint items, through refinement and planning. Inputs into planning in terms of their capacity, ensuring they understand scope, risk and complexity of work.
Understands the ceremonies and Dev activities within a sprint, and the order they should occur, and actively participates in achieving these.
Able to apply generic programming best practices, e.g., SOLID design principle, ensure quality of the written code through unit testing.
Demonstrates working product knowledge and aware of the value of any development
Aware of the common design patterns in the technology they use, writes clear & self-documenting code, organises methods and classes appropriately. Understands the basics of exception handling.
Recognises the need for continuous improvement and actively participates in team retrospectives


Day-to-day, you will:

Develop software solutions to meet agreed acceptance criteria and stories using a range of languages and technologies, provided that the solution was agreed with a more senior developer role.
Requirements review and refinement to identify and prevent potential defects
Debugging: Analyse, identifies and fixes root cause of defects in the familiar area of an application
Work with the project specific branching strategy, committing, merging and dealing with conflicts
Deploy to environments using predefined build and deployment pipes, and use project specific development tools
Collaborate with QA team and demonstrate increasing understanding of quality best practice
Understand the business logic that applies in the worked area
Continuously learn both development tools and technologies used in the worked project as well as other development tools and technologies
Clearly report progress both verbally and in writing, keeping tracking systems up to date
With experience as a well-rounded Developer, your Skills and Experiences likely include some of the following: 
Languages - Javascript, ES6, Typescript
Frontend - Vue2/Vue3, NuxtJS where appropriate. 
Web Components - NPM, Storybook
Headless CMS - 
AWS Infrastructure -  AWS VPC, AWS Route 53, AWS Cloudfront, AWS, Lambda, AWS API Gateway, ACM, AWS Cloudwatch. 
CI/CD - AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild
NodeJS Backends and APIs - Almost 100% architectures with a heavy use of Express.js, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, SQS and Cloudwatch. 
NoSQL Databases - MongoDB and DynamoDB. 
Versioning - Git & Github. 
Documentation - Confluence, Swagger. 
Admin Dashboards / Interfaces - Retool


What does Access offer you?

We are a growing software company and we deliver on what we say we do! We take the development of our people very seriously! We will work with you to make you successful. We will help you carve out your career path. You will enjoy lots of training both in the UK and in Romania to accelerate your career. 
In addition to a competitive salary and the opportunity to grow, you will enjoy a fun environment on top of our standard benefits. 
Become part of our amazing Access family!